Cessna Citation XLS+ (906DK)

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The Cessna Citation XLS+ is one of the best selling business jets and a leading choice for those looking for a dependable and comfortable charter plane. The Citation line by Cessna has proven themselves to be the most reliable and most popular corporate jets available today. Part of this legendary line, the XLS+ features maximum cabin comfort and space and excellent safety and performance. The combination of light jet flexibility with the comfort and amenities of a midsize jet makes the XLS+ a good choice for intercontinental charter jet needs.

The XLS+ has a passenger capacity of 9, coupled with the largest baggage capacity in its class. In addition to standard baggage, the 79 cubic foot compartment can hold up to 6 golf bags or 6 pairs of skis. A full refreshment center is available for use by passengers to enjoy during flights. Cabin amenities are included to facilitate business and pleasure pursuits fitting of an executive jet charter. Power outlets, data ports and telephone assist in completing business and meetings aboard the charter plane.

The Citation series of private jet has become so trusted and popular because of their safety features. XLS+ has several advanced safety measures to help pilots execute safe and enjoyable flights time after time. The Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System alerts pilots of ground proximity, especially useful for low visibility and mountainous situations. Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System alerts pilots to traffic in the vicinity and aids them in quick decision making in the unlikely chance that another aircraft will be too close. An Emergency Vision Assurance System is also included on the XLS+.

For intercontinental travel by private jet charter, this Citation is a good choice. As a medium sized jet it is capable of landing at smaller airfields to avoid the traffic and delays of large commercial airports. Saving time without sacrificing comfort and amenities is a big strength of the XLS+. Conducting business while traveling quickly and comfortably to destinations is at the core of this business jet.

Citation XLS+ Information:

Seating : 9
Range (st. miles) : 1,900
Cabin Size : 5.7 Height, 5.6 Width, 18.7 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 87
Lavatory : Full
Galley : Partial

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